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Anyone seen the cork lately? v1.1

Arena style for up to 8 players. Water medium in large central room one can see from windows on surrounding pathway. Supports KOH, KMWTB & Tag. Crusher room, ouch, it's bad. Spacious, author says the more the merrier.


This has to be one of the largest, most complex net levels I have seen. It is really not a net level, although there are many starting points. I believe that the author has put into this level just about everything you could think of. There are some bugs, a couple of untextered sides, some polys not being assigned "alien impassable", but when you download this thing, you will play forever. Some very good visual ideas, but, almost "overkill" in some ways. This author deserves some email, download it, give it a try and let him know.

Crumpet Monkey v1.4

At first this set of levels looked very familiar. Make sure to take the time to read the "read me". A net hopper that has some really neat tricks. I remember this authors levels due to the doors that open at a angle. When you start on the first level, you;ll know what I mean. Five levels in all, some nice geometry, some nice flow and I only found one dead end on the 4th level. Supports many net modes and will hold up to 8.

Did You Get That Number? v2.2

Very straightforward map. Recommends 2-8 players or more. Huge Read Me which leads you to believe there's more here than there really is. Stairways (one or two?), sniper spots. Author would like feedback & Films.

Gallery of Death

A large, open map with 6 featureless areas linked by catwalks and passageways. Not much in the way of eye-candy, but I suppose the flow's okay.

More Textures... How To

A DocMaker file detailing how to add extra textures to a textureset. Quite useful for mapmakers wanting more than the 30-someodd textures Bungie uses... in very simple language.

Pfhorgotten Pfhortress

A small arena with some surrounding corridors. Lots of secrets, but there's a film to show them to you. Flow isn't bad...

PipeLine v1.2

A large central, waterfilled arena with a dry hill is surrounded by a matrix of passageways both above and below the waterline. Access to the hill is pretty nice for a water level. Update adds Infinity compatibility.

Psychodelia's Tempus Maps v1.8

13 levels. A real mix... there are some fun levels here, some really big levels, a couple of tiny levels, and some god-awful lousy levels. A few have physics messed with... one's sorta cute (bob-corn popper with a purpose), but the others are just annoying. DON'T play spnkr's house of horrors with aliens on!

Ready To Serve

A complicated little arena. Nice attention to architectural detail and lighting, but sound is absent. You shouldn't miss it too much, though, if you're killing people fast enough...

Sand Pebbles

A large outdoor courtyard, surrounded by several buildings (or one, maybe). Nice flow, aided by the openable windows on the upper floor... a few secrets, but nothing that will throw off a net game-very balanced, overall. (You most likely won't run out of ammo, unless you're a really, really bad shot.)

Seige and Salvation VII

Seven medium-sized Infinity net levels. These levels are all very good with all modes supported. They are stocked with aliens for those that enjoy solo touring. The size of the levels range from large to medium so 3-6 players will fit very well.

Shadowstalker v1.4

If you've ever played Mike Neylons WWW maps, you'll recognise the basic concept behind this net level. It consists of a 5x5 grid of narrow passageways with slightly larger polys at the nodes. However, this takes the concept further by stacking 3 identical levels, linked by 4 elevators, make tracking someone very confusing. You really need at least 4 players for this, otherwise you could run about for hours without meeting anyone. Supports all game modes, but EMfH would be the most practical. Version 1.3 changes some alien physics, sets the level as magnetic (making that motion ...

Take It To The Hill

Reminded me of the second level of Marathon Infinity. A very large, well laid out water arena level that has pretty good flow along with some fast rings. For as large as this thing is, it was extremely fast. I was expecting it to even play slow on a performa, but I still had good results. A good KOtH map and the author is requesting some films. Take the time and send him some email.