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Kill! Kill! Kill!

A large, bisymmetrical (almost) level with lots of nice sniping windows.


Simple, small, beautiful! I love it! (Needs more weapons, though.)


Lots of elevators, good mix of open and closed areas. 15K


Never played it, but might be fun with 2 or 3 players.

KPT Shapes

Made using Kai's Power Tools. Gives your net games that psychedelic feel.

Map Select 1.0

With this in your M1 folder, you can drop any map (in that folder) on it, regardless of name, and double-clicking on your Marathon app starts a game using that map. Want to use a different app? Drop it on Map Select, and it will be the one modified with new map names. Brings some of the convenience of M2 to M1...

Marathon Demo

The demo for the first version. Contains three levels for solo play and one net level. Very different feel from M2 or Infinity-if you haven't played it, you should give it a try.

Marathon Engine FAQ v0.6

Early version of this document, but contains lots of useful information about the limits of the Marathon engine.

Marathon Specs

Very low level. M1 only. Don't bother if you're not a programmer.

Meta 0.1a1

Lets you convert Doom and Doom II WADs to a form Marathon can use.

NK Level Mover 1.0a2

Lets you move different levels between Map files. You can make a Map file with only Waldo World Arena in it to bring to net games, for example. (Warning: this program is incompatible with maps made with the latest versions of Pfhorte, and the author has no plans to update it.)