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Killer Weaponry v1.0

An even wackier physics model that changes ALL the weapons and one of the aliens' weapons.

UPDATE: Sorry, but the Read Me doesn't mention something important!

Root Square II v2.0

A vastly improved version of the classic "Root Square" map, with larger open spaces, elevators, more textures and much better weapons/ammo placement.

A1 Promotional video v1.0

This is a promotional video I recently made for Aleph One. The entire film is made in Director, including the gameplay scenes. I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: for space reason, this is a .divx file

The 6th floor v1.0

Based from the school I currently studying , it's made on the sixth floor of the building inside.

Food fight! v1.0

A map set in (huge , compared to the reality) imaginary dining room

Fovea v0.3

Fovea pushes for an open outdoor feeling while trying to keep things close in quarters. This map is only playable with AlephOne and you'll see why. This map screams for a sniper rifle.

Rubicon AO-X Update v1.0

This is a self made OSX version of the famous Marathon Scenario named Marathon Rubicon.