Symbols couple map v1.0


Riddled with gliches are the triangles x6 map , I don't know why but I can't seem to fix it , and I can't make the visual mode work with pfhorge!!!

And I can't seem to texture that level with forge either , It shown up as viewing distance is too large....

And the logo level have 2 untextured spot , one is the ceiling another is the floor... (I'm bored of OS 9.............)

If you can fix it , send the file to me at and I'll update it !


The LARGE AND VAST is the triangle x6 level , but the Small feeling is the Logo level!!!

Avaliable in 3 modes...

-King of the hill (Logo level is the place between the lava and the triangle x6 is the inner triangle )

-Kill the man with the ball

-Every man for himself

Both 2 levels can have 3rd party physhic used....

--Logo level tips--

-Lava is the teleporter that won't hurt you.

-The rocket laucher and the ammo are SEPERATED to prevent the total chaos made by it.

-The hill is the place north in the logo that stuck between the lava.

--Triangle x6 tips--

-The hill is the inner triangle

-The are 3 hidden triangles outside , each of them had 2 sides textured like landscape , unseen with bare eyes .

-To discover the hidden triangles , toggle the map on.

-There are powerups , rocket launcher and health in each of the hidden triangles , separated.

-Rocket laucher are hidden but the ammos are not , to prevent total chaos made by it.

A bunch of walls , ceilings and floor aren't textured..........


Levels in map "Logo":

Levels in map "Triangle x6":
Triangle x6