Food fight! v1.0

If you crave for random exploding bobs and multiplayer goodness , download this...

(Note : Never really tested by anyone else , as the Maker can't host...)

Set in the imaginary dining room , you had to climb to the sofa to get the power-ups ! HA HA HA!!!

(Another Note : The REAL description ends here , look below to find my nonsense description)

Features (Though it wasn't important to list)

-2 light types

-Countless textures (I never counted , lol)

-Exactly two simulacrums (If you turn the alien option on)

-9 starting points

-3 game modes , every man for himself , king of the hill (the table) and kill the man with the ball.

-4 power ups

-2 health , 1 is 3x heath power-up and another one is 2x health power-up.

-Countless weapons (Again , never counted)

-Pure carnage


-A computer

-Marathon infinity

-Latest a1 build

-Strong heart because I don't wanna kill anyone in reality (heart attacks.)

-A skill to play multiplayer games in marathon infinity.

-Capable of making carnage and receiving carnage.

P.S. Created the same day posted, right, THE SAME DAY AS I POSTED!

--End of description--

Levels in map "food fight":
Food fight