Root Square II v2.0

This is version 2 of the classic "Root Square" map, which is best known amongst Marathon players as 'The map with the shadows' or 'The Math map'. This is because the shadows in this map have been calculated to be mostly correct (this actually is not as hard as it sounds, but when I made the first version of this map 6 years ago, my limited math knowledge made it seem like magic).

While version 1.0 was 90% shadows and 10% fun, this version has larger areas, elevators, more openings, more textures, and much better weapons/ammo placement. So it has 90% shadows and 90% fun! Wait, did anyone say something about math...?

This map supports any kind of net game, from EMfH to KtMWtB. And for those without network access, there are re-generating monsters who are determined to kill you. If you want to get the feel of a real network game in solo mode, set to Total Carnage and try to kill everything except yourself. Each of the 7 monsters will re-generate 7 times. Perfect for Vidmaster training!

The file contains two versions of the map. The first one has all details, but will only run flawlessly in Aleph One. If you're planning to play this in the classic Marathon Infinity application, you must use the second map in the file, which is a "light" version, much less likely to crash the old Marathon engine than the full map. You may also need to increase the memory allocated to the Marathon application. See the ReadMe file for more information.

Levels in map "Root Square II":
Root Square II
Root Square II (light)