Run v1.0

Well , it is an half-truth that I give up ON THE GLICHES FIXING IN THE 'SYMBOL' netmaps , but I still making another one while trying to make my own scenarios....

Well , it is a hard survival map if you wanna play solo or the multiplayer mode with aliens on , but you should try playing in Total Carnage and tell me how many seconds you managed to survive....(Play solo or multiplayer with aliens on)

You'll be begging for a invicibility powerup , so I placed one in the DEAD CENTER of the map...

4 modes

-Survival (solo or multiplayer with aliens on)

-Free for all

-King of the hill (The center is the hill)

-Kill the man with the ball

--Misc news--

Who can do some graphics (For the weapons) , chapter artwork ?

I need some volunters

I need help on the project called

Marathon destiny

Though this is an instable project (Meaning : I may have gotten lazy to do all the work :) )

--End of description--

*Passed out*

Levels in map "RUN":