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Desperate Pfhor Net

Turns the Bobs into vicious, killing animals. When you need that net fix, but there's noone around...

Alpha Dome v1.1

Nice combo of open and closed spaces. Symmetrical layout with different features in each section (which makes for some disorientation). Textures are used well for differentiation, but these become useless if you find the night vision powerup.

Chris's Cross

Nice concept-a bunch of interconnected small rooms, with a passageway that goes over the top and provides lots of sniper positions. The phfor textures make it a little hard to see any distance at low resolution, though.


One big (very big) pit, with some sniper positions, and a couple of pathways through some lava. Watch the juggernaut. Comes with a (required) physics model.

Juicy Bits-O'-Bob

Lots of bobs + lots of crushing columns + baddies + small space = lots of dead bobs.

Selenite v2.0

Pretty simple. Another arena, with a couple of twists. A bit dark. Now updated with more secrets, better flow.

The Woolen Mill v1.1

Very, very big. Pretty neat concept, though. Updated with a few new tweaks.

UCSC Hahn Student Center

Very clean. Outdoors, lots of open spaces. Most weapons are in tight stairwells, so getting them might be dangerous...


A model of an existing building at Connecticut College. A couple of the rooms are big enough to cause smearing.


Big, lots of windy passages. Short on weapons, long on ammo.

Suicide Maps v2.0

6 Levels. I took the suicide maps, cleaned them up, got rid of four (mostly out of laziness), and added a touch or two. These are much smaller, with fewer bugs.

The Pit of Hell v1.2

Big. Simple layout, but with a few nasty twists. Watch out for the trash compactor.

Dark and Light

Good use of lighting techniques. Some nice touches, although finding them all with the baddies and your compatriots trying to kill you might be a bit difficult...

It's Not Easy Being Green v1.0

Another of Mike Neylon's maps, also available in the MKN pack below. Small, but busy enough to be hard on slower 040's.

Rising Sun v1.0

Another of Mike Neylon's maps, also available in the MKN pack above. Dark.

Sewer v1.1

Comes in two versions-the net level doesn't contain any moving textures, to speed up net play. Check out the solo one, anyway. Nicely balanced.

Vita Flo v1.0

Man, someone should teach this guy about the proper use of textures.

White Phospfhorus

This is a Tozter level. Four available at all times. Nice and small, so there's nowhere to run. Works only on PowerMacs.