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Rocky's 6-Pak

Six levels. Simple textures (one in Pfhor style), geometric layout, good net levels. (Too many walleye powerups, tho.) Nice use of elevators. Works only on PowerMacs.

Alien Ship

Laid out to look like a real ship. Quite nice, actually. Some good outside stuff.


Sort of a demo map (actually comes with some tutorial-type stuff) of interesting special effects. Incorporates the two-level stairs shown in Pfhunky Stairs (found in the Novelty Maps section). A bit hard to get around, at first.

Pfhortress v2.0

Just what it says. Nice concept, a little hard to get around. Updated to work on all macs (not just PowerMacs).

Section13 v9.0

Nine levels. (The first 3 are in mappak 1, 5-7 in mappak 2.) High tech (lots of metal). Pretty hard, weaponwise.

USS Raider

Four levels, from the maker of Athens Outpost. Be careful-this is not an easy scenario. Well done.

Black Lightning

Some nice touches. Nice placement on the single SPNKR. Explore everything!

Pfhunky Stairs

Doesn't really belong in Novelty maps, but doesn't belong anywhere else, either... A demo of an interesting idea for over/under stairs. Author suggests he'd like to see this used in a great net level...

Snipers Only v2.0

New version. Lots of big rooms, with high perches... Some very nice updates

Solidaridad v1.2

Another in the God is Pfhorever series (with (currently) The Hand of God, The House of God, and QuickSilver). Haven't had a chance to play it yet.

The House of God v1.4

Another map in the God is Pfhorever series (currently includes Quicksilver, The Hand of God, and Solidaridad). Not too shabby.

QuickSilver v1.1

Very large, and unfinished. Lots of places to explore, more fun stuff than before.

Throne Of God

Comes as both a net level and a single level. (No clue why they've been separated.)


Towers and elevators. Hard to see the point without someone to play it with. Comes in a normal and vacuum version.