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Can-ned Food's Specialty Evil & Red MML ed. 1.1

Text MML files enabling a conversion of the original Marathon TCs Marathon Red and Marathon: Evil for any recent build, any platform.

TTEP 5.2 Patch (Official) v5.2

TTEP 5.2 (includes 5.1) fixes various bugs and adds a couple of textures that were missing in the Total Texture Enhancement Package 5.0 release.

M1A1 Moonscape Shuttle v1.0

This little Shapes Shuttle allows users of M1A1 for the Mac to update their M1A1 Shapes file with a Moonscape landscape. This will fill an unused landscape slot in the M1A1 Shapes file and will thus not show up in-game. However, custom maps for M1A1 will be able to utilize the new texture. Hi-res versions of this texture are available for the SDL version in the Marathon Revival Bonus Pack found at (but these may also work with the Mac version - untested).

Scenario MML Updates (SDL) v1.5

An update of the MMLs (originally done by Craig Caroon) for various big scenarios that use MML scripts for custom Shapes and Textures. This allows these scenarios to work with the latest builds of Aleph One currently being released for Windows (SDL). Now supports M2 for Windows and M1A1 for SDL v1.5 (latest version makes new Tiny Bobs friendly under the motion sensor). Rubicon should work when properly extracted by Aladdin Expander. "Save Macintosh files in MacBinary format" must be enabled in Aladdin Expander for Windows' Cross-Platform tab under "Preferences".

Spht'Kr 3D models 1.0

An example of some 3D modeling and per-level MML scripting for Aleph One.

M1A1 for SDL Script Update v1.5

The four new Tiny Bobs types occupy the VacBob slots in "M1A1 for SDL" Physics. This patch will update the "Settings" MML Script of "M1A1 for SDL" to show the "Assimilated VacBob" Tiny Bob as being friendly under the motion sensor.

If you install Aleph One into your M1A1 folder, you will need to apply this patch to restore the original M1A1 MML Script settings.