TTEP 5.2 Patch (Official) v5.2

TTEP 5.2 (includes 5.1) fixes various bugs and adds a couple of textures that were missing in the Total Texture Enhancement Package 5.0 release.

This patch is very easy to install because you can just replace old files with new files and all should work just fine. This patch can be used with all three versions (low, med and high-res) of the 'Total Texture Enhancement Package 5.0'. Replace every single file with the ones found in this patch to be sure the patch is succesfully applied.

Special Thanks goes out to Randall Currie for reporting these missing textures and releasing the previous release of the 5.1 patch in the first place.

We hope you enjoy these textures!

If you want to check out some screenshots of the TTEP 5.0 in general, visit: Screenshots

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