Can-ned Food's Specialty Evil & Red MML ed. 1.1

These are belatedly released from my own installation of MAO. They enable one to properly use Evil or Red data files with AO. Note that those files are not supplied.

These can be used to supplement those unfortunate people stuck with stuff from Craig Caroon or Randall Currie (Tophet), or preferably with the originals lying around.

-[Update 4/4/'06] I wanted to release this because I knew that, among the stuff out there, much is only easily available to Mac users (unfortunately, I myself am presently Windows-only), and what is available to the SDL users is unsatisfactory. If someone wants to show me something they think is better, or in any way wants to simplify the offerings "out there," please do let me know.

A short summary: The Evil MML modifies the weapon names, filenames, and that's it. The Red MML modifies the text strings (more than you'd think), weapon names, filenames, interface colors, interface rectangles, and (most importantly) repeats the HUD hacks for ammo displays.

Edition 1.1 corrects the filenames, which might have caused a stupid problem for most people. Sorry.

Disclaimer: Rough, and I could do better if I found reason to devote more effort & time.

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