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Shoot 'Em Up

A big, rambling level. Plays pretty well as a solo level, too.

Suicide v8

Four more from the master of mass destruction. Defense Drones 2 lives up to the suicide billing quite nicely with anything over 2 players.

Shape Shifter 0.8d68

An interesting shapes editor that allows editing of the shapes from within the program.

BobFro v1.1

A cityscape, complete with great signage and some funky extras. By the same guy as Canyon Lands. These two packages patch different texture sets, so you can apply the patches to the same Shapes file.

Encounter at Luna West

No relation to Encounter:Colony. This started as a compilation of levels, but grew to its current form. Some pfhor were taken for study, but got free, and don't realize they lost the war. You've got to protect the research facility. Comes with everything needed (shapes patches, maps, physics model, sounds patch).


Due to some colossal bungling, the Pfhor have retaken the Colony below the Marathon. It's your job to clear the way for the marines. This scenario requires The Dogs of Pfhor 2.1 package. The main scenario is designed for solo play, but the package comes with two net maps.


A cityscape, with ray-traced graphics. Cars and helicopters on the outside, gun-toting secretaries and businessmen on the inside. Nasty! It's your job to find the big boss upstairs.

Enter The Marines v1.0

Ever wanted marines fighting on your side? Here you go. Replaces Fighters with marines.


The beginnings of an Aliens package. New shapes (they still need work), and a physics model and map round out the package. Really designed for net play.

Ultimate Giger Textures

You wake up on a training mission, and everything's gone wrong. New enemies, new weapons, a new splash screen, new sounds-this is a whole new game.


Same guy who did Shockadelica. This is another well-though-out level. It should keep you busy for a while..

Oh Pfhuck!

Somebody's house, with weapons. Works only on PowerMacs.


Hard. Lots of sharp angles. Expect to start this one a bunch of times...

Pfhornication v2.0

A very nice net level for mid-sized games. Comes with a couple of movies, to give you a feel for it...

Phor The Love Of God

A couple of big arenas (watch the Juggernauts!), and lots of sniper positions. A little dark.


This one's pretty slick. A two-player game (more will crash Marathon). 5-D space taken about as far as it can go. Check it out!

Royal Arena

Short on weapons, but you can use the doors to crush your enemies... Whatever you do, don't let the Bobs out.


No real plot, just stay alive as long as possible and find all the secrets. Well made, and well thought out. Fun!

Buskey's Master Wall

Another map that doesn't really belong here, but I don't have a better place to put it... This is the coolest trick I've seen in a long time. Ever wanted to make a room your net enemies couldn't figure out how to get into? This is it. Author says you should put this in your maps, and send him copies. Do it-this will beautifully augment almost any level. Comes with a small demo of the technique.