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Deliverance V1.2

The first three of several levels. Quite hard, but playable. Level three is based in the Deliverance penitentiary. Pretty nice layout... this scenario is really coming along.


The very beginnings of a Doom port. (Currently listed as v0.5.) Wait and see...

Roger's Map

Two levels (one finished, one mostly finished). Author worries they're too easy... he needn't have. A real strategy level. If you can't dodge, or you don't feel like you can leave a level until everything is dead, don't bother trying this... The end of the first level has a pretty creative use of hulks. (Who needs ammo, anyway?)

Stratum Interlude

Set between Arrival and Bigger Guns Nearby, this level expands on the Bungie storyline. Another strategy level-your only weapons are your pistol and your fist. Nice.


A large, rambling level with no real plot. Not really new-it was on the solo page because of a misunderstanding on my part... Best with at least four players. Comes with a film showing the sights of the level.

Training Maps

Four levels. Exactly what they sound like. Each level consists of a room with one or two specific types of aliens in it. The included physics model simulates a hydrogen-filled atmosphere-use your gun and die. The idea here is to get good at killing with just your fist, and to stay alive as long as possible. Just 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, and you'll have a flatter tummy in no time.

4th Dimension

Another play on the Portals idea... Double waldo worlds. Where'd he go?

Blessed and Broken

Huge. Lots of juggernauts, hulks, etc. Had a few bad polys, which I fixed... comes with a film showing the creator and a buddy getting wasted by aliens.

Ender vs. Meta

A large arena, continuing on the theme of 5D portals. The wall textures might hurt your eyes...


A very simple map, but with a lot of potential. You start at the top, outside, and the only way to go is down and inside... very little room to maneuver, so he who shoots best wins.


A large, bisymmetrical level. Set up to look like a fortress. Easy to become disoriented at first, but once you've figured out your way around, the flow's pretty good. Watch the doors in the river!

Suicide v14

Five more, two modified Bungie maps and three new ones. This is the best batch in a while... If you aren't light on your feet and accurate with your shots, you'll end up very, very, dead.

Twin Towers

Very big, and way too many secrets (most of which you'd never find on your own). Luckily, a film is included...


Waldo World, but the arena walls have been mapped over with the space texture. Ledges are still lit, though...

Rick's House of Surly

Turns Hulks into big ugly fat dudes. Watch that right cross! Comes with a physics model (required) and House of Surly, a version of Bob World Headquarters (which you should get if you want to use this map-you need the shapes patch in it).


Mike Neylon's first attempt at a "Bungie-esque" level. Large central arena, with lots of tight passageways on the fringes.


A large, lava-filled room with the good stuff in the center. The only way in is a very narrow walkway that comes up with some switches...

Meta Warrior v1.1b

A twisty, windy level, with a few nasty surprises (careful of that static region!). Like all the Meta levels, this is designed to work with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures

Meta's Dual

A pretty straightforward arena. Like all Meta maps, this is designed for use with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures. Comes with a sound patch for the teleporter sound (pretty nice change).

MKN Maps v4.0

21 maps. The four new ones are available separately on this page (if you just downloaded the last version). A collection of all the maps done by Michael Neylon so far. None are very large, but they tend to be good net levels. A couple of the new ones are maps found on the novelty page, redone to be playable...