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ThunderDome v5.0

Based on a net map Bungie was demoing at MacWorld, but with M1 textures (natch). A fast-paced, nicely laid-out map.

Go Wif Jeza

4 Levels. Really, really well thought out. These would be really tough as net levels (unless you turned aliens off), but for practice, you won't find a better set. (In fact, these benefit from the Canyonlands textureset, but don't require it. )

Headache PPC

Lots of teleporters, some good sniping positions (and a decent crusher).

Rumba Office

Two maps. These are maps of an office building, one with the ability to go outside. Bizarre texture choices, and skimpy weapons for net play, but a pretty good flow, nonetheless.


14 levels. On the whole, these are really nicely done. Many are variations on a theme (one map will be a vacuum level, another the same level with oxygen). There are a few bugs, but no fatal ones, and the general quality level is quite high. No docs.

Hutch v1.0.1

Wow. This-wow. I'm amazed. Wow. This is the third floor of a science building... Wait, read the readme. I can't do it justice. Flying chairs, espresso machines, nitrogen canisters, this is a really, really well done package. Get it. 'Nuff said. (Okay, in the interest of objectivity, I'll say that if you don't have a PPC, this will be slow in net play. So what are you waiting for?

MC's Canyon Lands

Desert Levels. Great textures (first water I've seen outside of the M2 preview), and enough baddies that these levels work equally well as solo (explore) levels and net (kill) levels. The patch affects different texture sets than Bob World Headquarters (see above), so they can both be applied to the same Shapes file. This is now Rev 1, with a few textures fixed.

Suicide v10

4 more. These are the last Suicide levels-look for a compilation soon! These are some of the best yet-two are modified Bungie levels, two are original. Carnage on Oh Pfhuck is absurd.

Marathon West

New shapes, physics, and a map that turns Marathon into a shootout in the old west.


Apparently, a faithful representation of the first level of Doom 1 (never played it, so...). Good flow.

Satan Muffins

A pretty nice net level if you stay in the center arena, but it gets hellish if you enter the outside passages...

Suicide v9.0

Another 3 (one original). A nice chunk of Welcome to the Revolution this time...

Butt Monkeys of Alcatraz

Kind of nasty. Lots of ways to die... Personally, I found it distracted me from the true point of a net level (killing your friends), but some folks like this. Well-constructed, anyway.

Canon Food v1.1

Small and deceptively simple. Very nice flow. (This version fixes a small bug, adds a few tweaks.)

Crown of Worms v1.6

A little strange-walls hanging here and there, doors designed not to open, enemies you can't get to-but for a small game, the flow should be okay. (Update is mostly tweaks.)

Disco Inferno

This map has some really great lighting effects. Unfortunately, it also has a bunch of rooms that give me a nasty headache. Worth downloading for the ideas alone.

LateNite Carnage

A bunch of staircases out in the open. Good for killing folks who haven't mastered the art of looking up or down.

Levels O' Death

7 levels, made by three different people. Nice layouts, mostly, but they might be too big small groups.