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The very beginnings of a Doom port. (Currently listed as v0.5.) Wait and see...

Rick's House of Surly

Turns Hulks into big ugly fat dudes. Watch that right cross! Comes with a physics model (required) and House of Surly, a version of Bob World Headquarters (which you should get if you want to use this map-you need the shapes patch in it).

Meta vs. Aeon

Textures from Marathon 2. Used in most of the Meta series of maps.

Super Map

A really quick hack. A shapes patch that adds the faces of #marathon regulars to the walls, and a small map.

Stormtroopers 1.1

Turns Fighters into Stormtroopers. Comes with an optional physics model. Pretty nice!

Desperate Pfhor Net

Turns the Bobs into vicious, killing animals. When you need that net fix, but there's noone around...

Betty Bobs Patch 1.1

Turns your bobs into women. Now contains a sounds patch, as well!

Fm's Enhancement Pack v3

What does this do? Quite a bit actually. A few new weapons, a few new monsters, some new textures, some changed physics... and a few maps to demostrate all this on. Worth a look if you still got Marathon!

Fm's Exploding Barrels! v1

Yes... Exploding Barrels... the first of their kind EVER for Marathon! These are just classic original Frigidman things... worth a look if you still have Marathon.

Marathon Dungeon Shapes

Get rid of that alien feel, put yourself in a dungeon! Comes with a small map to show you the new textures. (Really nice!)

Dogs of Pfhor

Gives you marines to fight on your side (two kinds) and two new (nasty) weapons.

MS Bob Patch

Adds a MS Windows logo on the breast of your bobs. Kind of hard to see, especially when you're trying to kill someone.

KPT Shapes

Made using Kai's Power Tools. Gives your net games that psychedelic feel.