Fm's Exploding Barrels! v1

Yes... Exploding Barrels... the first of their kind EVER for Marathon!

RUN THE PATCH ON YOUR SHAPES FILE, there is no need to duplicate your shapes, because this pather will do it for you. Get all excited about the shapes. They are done well, I think. The graphics of the barrel exploding were done by hand in a matter of an hour, so appreciate my hard work ;-)

•You must use the Physics file that came with this patch. It enables the barrels. The barrels are now what used to be, invisible lookers. Seein how no one liked these creatures, and they only showed up three times in the real game...I used them in the physics to do the dirty work.

To use and place barrels in your map files, just put a monster of type "Invisible Hound" or "Invisible Looker" (depending on your program). THATS IT.

I have included a real stupid map, just to show off the new barrels. It's only an example, so don't think it's an actual level.

The pict file just has the raw graphics that are used. Just in case you want to use them differently than I did. If you do use them, please give me credit, it wasn't easy to make the graphics. Thx.

Randall Shaw "FrigidMan"