Fm's Enhancement Pack v3

Oh... my... GOSH! This is a blast from the past. Here is the copy paste from the readme:


-by Frigidman

Don't get all excited though about the shapes. They just add a few things to make the game play more interesting, like turreted defense guns, a BIG weapon, a shotgun, and some barrels that blowup...nothing really exciting ;-)

If you wish to have all the sounds changed for optimum play with these new shapes and physics...then use the Enhanced Sounds-3.0.1 (found in this archive for your convienence). This file will have ALL the new sounds, and changed sounds for the other things as well.

What the Physics do:

•Changes almost every weapon, I'm sure you will enjoy the new ones. Play with them to see what they do ;-)

•Makes the Invisible Looker an Exploding Barrel. Self explanitory: Bang Bang, clink clunk, KABOOOOOM!!!

•Makes the Jugernaught a nasty mean Defense Gun. Be careful, they go ballistic. And DON'T get too close to them.

•Tweeks a few other things a bit to fix some bugs bungie had ;-)

The included map is a beefed up version of Rancid Café, and it includes Barrels, Guns, and some really nasty hulks. And everything else that has been changed/added.

Helpful Notes, All of my files have version info in them, so if you forget what it was called (do to moving files around to play marathon), you can just look it up in the get info box. (Although, the sound installer will not add version info. But the full Sounds3.0 file does have it, as well as every previous file I have sent out)

Randall Shaw "Frigidman"



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