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Fovea v0.3

Fovea pushes for an open outdoor feeling while trying to keep things close in quarters. This map is only playable with AlephOne and you'll see why. This map screams for a sniper rifle.

Rubicon AO-X Update v1.0

This is a self made OSX version of the famous Marathon Scenario named Marathon Rubicon.

MTBP v1.0

For Bungie, but they didn't see it, didn't trust the disk.

Photi Rocket v0.5

This map is a direct edit of the original Photi map released recently before this. While the original Photi had an open feel, this version has closed in a bit to enhance the rocket style of gameplay. There are still a large number of visible polygons that will crash Infinity, but AlephOne does run this just fine.

doom 0.0.2 try it v1.0

have u ever played doom 2 befor well just for

fun i decided to make doom 2 on marathon at least the first lev.

any way i changed some things around but it is a good level