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Suicide v12

Another 5, all original. I think our favorite was Narrow. Watch for freezing crashes in Yer Out There!

The Man-Trap

Teleporters send you to a small prison for 45 seconds, where your enemies can take potshots at you.


Three levels, all open. One small bug, but other than that, a pretty cool example of bridging.

MAD 12-pack

A big collection. Well-made, but they all start to look alike after awhile. Most are pretty big (4 players plus).

Suicide 4

3 more from the CarnageMeister. 2 originals, one modified Bungie level (Ingue Ferroque). Much better than the last batch (IMHO). Mars' Canals is deadly!

Underground mod 5

Big (3-player is minimum), but well thought-out. Been through lots of revisions. Some nice touches in this latest one (you can turn the lights on downstairs!).

5D What

The initial maze is annoying (texture choice makes it really hard to see where you're going), but there's lots more to find.

Slaughter v2.0

Simple torus. Comes in two flavors-net play (watch the inside room) and solo play (lots and lots and lots of exploding bobs).

Suicide v3

Five more from the CarnageMeister. 4 originals, one modified Bungie level (Bob-B-Q). I don't know... There's still plenty of carnage, but more and more finesse is required... Maybe he's just getting older. (Nahhh...)

Crash City

A very large outdoor map. Quite nicely done, but slow at times, due to the fact that you can see many polygons at once.

Suicide v9

I've got to get a better naming scheme for the Suicide maps, because their creator (Butch Massoni) is turning them out way too fast. Here's six more, three originals. The first two should only be played by people who don't mind dying (a LOT). We hit 117 deaths in 4 minutes with three people on Cylinder.


A very nice net map with great flow. Works well with as few as three, but can handle 8, too.

Villa Banzai

A 19th century Italian villa with a few deadly secrets. Quality is up to Bungie standards. Get it just to look at it, even if your machine isn't fast enough to play it well.

Mikey's Map Pak

8 Maps. Annoying names. Generally, these maps require a pretty high skill level. (Lots of baddies, lots of up-and-down sighting, lots of deadly stuff.)

Chuck's Maps

3 maps. One is a model of Chuck's house, complete with furniture. The other two are simple net maps that concentrate on giving you a place to kill your friends.

Kill This Thing

Very, very big. A three-story building that you can go outside of. We had some flow problems (too much in the way), and the textures aren't very consistent, but with enough people, this can be a fun level. Make sure Marathon has at least 8 Megs. AMUG version's uncompressed.

Network Map

Gotta love the name. A major reworking of Waldo World. Some nice touches. Too many rechargers, if you ask me. Comes with a shapes patch that includes a missile sight.

Suicide II

Contains all the unique levels of Suicide Maps and New Suicide Maps (cleaned up to the level of Suicide Maps v.2). That is, if you want all 16 levels in the two Suicide releases, but you want the bugs taken out, get this map.

Three Maps from Billy Bob

Three net maps (could you guess?). Small, with plenty of baddies. 2-4 players works nicely. If you get this from AMUG, you'll also get two solo levels (available separately as well).

Arena of Death

Well, it has an open room in the center, so I guess it can be called an arena, but it's dark, and the room is segmented by catwalks...