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Get Poppin'! v1.0

A small octangular room with a pit in the center filled with

Exploda-Bobs (both kind) the Vac bobs will set them off, and then... It's cookin' time.

KB Map Project v1.0

A collection of Infinity net maps, most of which are also solo playable.

TK's 17th Birthday NetPack v17.0

In commemoration of my 17th birthday, I've compiled 17 net maps for free public SPNKings. So let them begin, foo!

Ellio7t Net Pack #1 v1.0

Three maps two small and one average sized. Fun for small groups or solo play. My shot at a simplici7y map and some altered physics coupled with an enlarged and detailed revision of the same. A bouns duel map is included.

Machine Battle-Warrior v1.0

Machine Battle-Warrior is a physics set inspired mainly by the Playstation 2 game Omega Boost but ideas came from anything with robots. There are two netmaps to play this set on.

Sewage Suite v1.0

It's a netpack. Three maps. One is large and has a strange name. The other two are different halves of the large one. All three work for Every Man For Himself, Kill the Baller, and King of the Mound of Corpses.

The Theory of Sensitivity v1.3

The bug free version of the map, with new and improved outside scene plus a secret area. The minimal version with a recharger and sewage pillar in the middle is here as well as a simple version with just the ship out side added.

The Theory of Sensitivity v1.2 v1.2

After some advice I spruced up the walls and added a little. Not to different, but I am working on a major change to the whole thing.

The second map wiht the recharger and sewage pillar is still the same.