KB Map Project v1.0

A long time ago in the dawn of time, I started making maps for Marathon Infinity. And then I kept at it. For years. And now I've stopped; this is the result of all that map making.

The Readme file has this to say on the subject:

This really ought to be called "...Projects", because that is what it is - a collection of Marathon Infinity maps made by me, Karl Boman, over the years. About half date from 97-00, the rest are more recent attempts.

The foremost reason I have for releasing them for public use and, perhaps, ridicule, is that I feel they have something that I like and others may be able to appreciate as well. It is also a way to finish all these map projects that never went anywhere. So what if Marathon is not played much these days? If someone else likes this, it is worth it.

Included is also a map by my friend David that I found to be the most useful of all his maps that I had lying around - he is even worse than me at finishing Marathon stuff - and one by my friend Rasmus.

Basically, this is 14 netmaps of which most also make for fine solo playing. They are meant to be fun and hopefully also not ugly: if good to you equals nonstop novelty, this may no be your cup of tea. Obviously I recommend it anyway!

I have no idea if they will work with Aleph One, because my old PowerMac 4400 has no particular desire to run it, but since everything included is standard issue stuff it should not be a problem.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated! If there are future versions they will be bugfixes and tweaks, not overhauls and there will be no new maps - those will be made for EVIL or Tempus Irae.



Levels in map "KB Map Project 1.0":
Killer 2
Fumbling In The Dark
Pfhor Base In A Box
I Can't Dance
Moat Life
Level Pfhour
A Wonderful Day
God's Monkey
Quad Damage