Soul Tax v1.0

So I finally finished it, eh? Even that surprises me.

This map has gone through a lot of changes over the past couple of years so I hope you enjoy it. If you're one of those people who play marathon just for the fun of watching the bejeezus being blasted out of people, then I *know* you'll enjoy it.

This is a somewhat small map, with a large amount of enemies and weapons all over. It can be played solo or net, whichever you choose. It's good for practicing. Please don't play this on anything lower than total carnage.

What happened to the "new and improved" version that was never released? To make a long story short, I lost it. To make a short story long, read the bible, then realize that it had nothing to do with this. To make a keyboard walk on a xylophone call 911. Why do I keep trying to save this web page? Actually, what really happened is this: finished new version; ended up with about three copies of the map and couldn't figure out which is which; started over; tested map about 100 times; finished map; tested it on the Aleph One chat room; got lazy and didn't upload map (there were about 500,000 objects on that computer and it was painful to even turn it on); got bored of marathon for a while; got a new computer; and now the computer that houses the map is slowly rotting away. Okay now I am done yay I am a lazy bastard but oh well.

Levels in map "Soul Tax":
Soul Tax