TK's 17th Birthday NetPack v17.0

17 netmaps compiled into one largish net package in commemoration of my totally, massively important 17th birthday. Each level has aleins, most have a Hill and Ball, all of them CAN be played with 8 players, and all of them are totally and massively fun.

Compressed into .SIT format!

Some of these maps will be found in the final Dark Star production. Just wait and see... :)

Levels in map "TK's 17th Birthday NetPack":
Chop Suey!
Infinity Palace Deluxe
But Where Does THIS Go?
Get Psycho
River Styx
Twin Peaks
The Excavation
The Torch
Hamburger Hill
Marathon Rocket Arena
Tower of Babel
Black Lung
Nights of Thunderdome
The Ring
The Weapons Factory
Happy Hour