Created by JackDZombiKing

Murdalizer v1.0

1 fortress style map, max of 8 players or 2 teams of 4, includes assault rifle, SPNKR, Alien Weapon, and a not very secret flamethrower.

Bumper Cars v1.0

A small net map that looks like a bumber car arena. Includes respawning aliens and a secret teleporter. Loads of fun!

Ninja Physics v1.0

Play Infinity as a skilled bloodthirsty Ninja. Shurikens, bombs, 1-Inch punches and more. Are you ready to kick some Phfor ass with the power of Ninjitsu?

Get Poppin'! v1.0

A small octangular room with a pit in the center filled with

Exploda-Bobs (both kind) the Vac bobs will set them off, and then... It's cookin' time.