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"Acid Jazz" for Inf./A1/Evil Final

"Acid Jazz" was originally created for M2 on March 06, 1996 by Fusion/Pfhyde (Zach Norwood). It's been converted for use with AO, Infinity, and Evil. A very cool, "organically"-designed indoor and outdoor arena with lots of stairs, four levels, a water trap, and some really *outstanding* gameplay.

Voyager 7 v1.0

A seven-polygon netmap originally submitted for the Simplici7y contest. Good for 2-3 players.

DcBob´s Map Pack v1.0

This is a little collection of netmaps that i have been storing on my HD for some time now, so ignore the creation date cause i don´t remember when i did this. This map pack includes the maps:

- Dogfight Netpack (9 level netpack)

- The Great Temple Of Madness

- Jungle Tech

I dont remember the names of the maps in dogfight netpack but this netpack is not the same version as can be found in the archives at, this version has 2 minor bugs fixed. I hope you enjoy my creation.

***End Of Transmission***

Don't Disturb the King v1.0

A small netmap primarily for king of the hill play. It was created with the intent to test out floating polygons and on/off teleporters in netplay.

High Velocity Update. v1.5

If you downloaded large and small network maps there is a level called high velocity, and it really sucks! Here is it again only way, way, way better.

Mendoza 13 v1.0

A fairly small arena-like map with a terraced pit, a central tower, surrounding walkways and sniper points, and underwater passageways that provide access to flood and lighting controls.

Wake up. Time to die. v1.1

A small-feeling net map designed for small groups, up to 4. Version 1.1 extends the outer ring, fixes the "water pop" effect, and improves weapon placement. The shallow pit in the center is used as the hill.

Terminal Carnage v1.0

An entry for the Simpici7y competition that held awhile ago.

Wake up. Time to die. v1.0

Smallish net map for 1-4 players. Probably best with 2. Supports Kill the Man with the Ball. Water texture set.

A walk in the city v2.1

This is my 5th map. It is a big room with

realy big pillars and a outer walkway that

is cut out of the pillars on the outside

edge of the map. this map has 6 sniper

towers, 2 that overlook the hill. Each of

the other 4 sniper towers can see 2 of the

other sniper towers. this map has a

central hill surounded by lava.

Medieval Times? v1.1

This is my 8th map. There are

6 secret room/passages in

this map. 2 have 3x energy

powerups 2 go between the

main room and the dark

hallway. 2 are conected to

the sniper towers. The big

center room contanes the hill

and the ball.

Rivers N' walkways v1.1

This is my 2nd map and is still my

favorite. This map has 4 players.

There are 3 secret underwater rooms

and 2 half submerged walkways.

Space Ship 51 v1.2

This is my 7th map. This map has 2

secret rooms contaning health,

weapons and teleporters linking them

together. This map also has 4 'hidden'

hallways that link to the outermost

hallway on the map. This map does

not have a hill but it has a ball in the

very center of the map. If anough

people want a hill on this map, i' put

one on it.

Space station v1.3

This is my 6th map. This map has a hill

and a ball in the center of the map. It

also has a 'weapons room' on the left

side of the map and a bathroom on the

right side of the map. This map has a

secret wrap around hallway that

conects to two rooms conected to the

main hallway.