Don't Disturb the King v1.0

Don't Disturb the King is a Marathon 2 netmap I whipped up during Thanksgiving Break. While creating it, I din't pay much attention to gameplay. Instead, I focused on making a playable King of the Hill map which utilized both floating polygons and on/off teleporters.

The resulting map is quasi-playable. For King of the Hill, the map works fine. Unfortunately, other game types suffer dramatically from this emphasis. Don't get me wrong, it's far from unplayable. Just don't expect it to be the most thrilling map you've ever played.

However, if you really enjoy King of the Hill play and don't mind playing vacuum net levels, then this level should give you a surprising amount of enjoyment with its twist on the game - protecting yourself from incoming teleporters by flipping a switch.

One last note - I'd recommend downloading this even if you don't intend on playing it much. It's worth the look just to see the incredible application of floating polys with three viewable over-under textures. Yes, that was bragging, but you really should take a look. Oh, and please rate this map. I've found the rating system to be a very informative and effective tool. Unfortunately, few people use it.

Thanks for reading this,

Scott Noblitt