Mobium v2.1

There are 21 maps in this map pack, all of them Netmaps. They have been tested to make sure certain game types work, and I have fixed most errors, but as always if you find an error, email me.

Most of these are original, though there are a few that are not. The case being: Two are "Pain&Hate" remakes, a demo level (multiplayer) for Damage Incorporated.

Another unoriginal map is the Carnage Palace Deee-Luxe map, one which I personally went through and textured and lighted as close as possible to the original, and I think i've got it perfect.

The others are either completely new in all senses, or just inspired from other maps.

The following are maps that were supposed to come out for the Beyond Aurora project:

Kame House

Here Comes the Hotstepper

Novacane Hurricane

The Church of the Glistening Prongs of Tfear

All of these are mine, though some help was given by friends.


Levels in map "Mobium v2.1":
a gaussian curve
Carnage Palace Deeee-luxe
Pain & Hate[night]
Pain & Hate
One foot in the grave
Here comes the hotstepper
Kame House
Novacane Hurricane
Traffic Jjam
America's Funniest Decapitations
The Undines
Orbital Arm Deux
Church of the Glistening Prongs of Tfear
Grinding the Gears
Mentire Dei
Obscured By Shadows
Road to Nowhere
Speed Wobble