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Arena Extreme

A very large arena (author recommends 6 players). A little disorienting, but lots of open space.

Body Bagging v1.1

A nice arena, inspired by Thunderdome (the M1 level, not Bungie's).

Krier's Power Levels v1.5

6 levels. Newest level is vacuum. Some interesting touches. Best for folks who have mastered vertical aiming. Nice staircase in Double Helix.

Mower Maps

15 levels in two maps. A real grab bag. Some very nice maps, some almost novelty maps. Level 3 of the second set (Come See the Fights) is PowerMac-Only.

King of the Hill v1.0

A central pillar and four outside rooms. All the good ammo's on the pillar, but you're such an easy target...

Mondo Waldo World v1.3

Despite the name, I would be very surprised if this level started its life as Waldo World. Not a bad arena, actually. Now works on all maps.


This is the final release (maybe) of what I called Zeuropa (below). 13 levels, some the same as in Zeuropa, some different... The author says these are all the ones that are semi-decent and don't crash. I'd agree that they're pretty good. Still no docs.

ThunderDome v5.0

Based on a net map Bungie was demoing at MacWorld, but with M1 textures (natch). A fast-paced, nicely laid-out map.

Go Wif Jeza

4 Levels. Really, really well thought out. These would be really tough as net levels (unless you turned aliens off), but for practice, you won't find a better set. (In fact, these benefit from the Canyonlands textureset, but don't require it. )

Headache PPC

Lots of teleporters, some good sniping positions (and a decent crusher).

Rumba Office

Two maps. These are maps of an office building, one with the ability to go outside. Bizarre texture choices, and skimpy weapons for net play, but a pretty good flow, nonetheless.


14 levels. On the whole, these are really nicely done. Many are variations on a theme (one map will be a vacuum level, another the same level with oxygen). There are a few bugs, but no fatal ones, and the general quality level is quite high. No docs.

Suicide v10

4 more. These are the last Suicide levels-look for a compilation soon! These are some of the best yet-two are modified Bungie levels, two are original. Carnage on Oh Pfhuck is absurd.


Apparently, a faithful representation of the first level of Doom 1 (never played it, so...). Good flow.

Satan Muffins

A pretty nice net level if you stay in the center arena, but it gets hellish if you enter the outside passages...

Suicide v9.0

Another 3 (one original). A nice chunk of Welcome to the Revolution this time...

Butt Monkeys of Alcatraz

Kind of nasty. Lots of ways to die... Personally, I found it distracted me from the true point of a net level (killing your friends), but some folks like this. Well-constructed, anyway.