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K'Parral Arena v1.2

A small map in the Everyone's Mortal But Me style. Nice flow, with fast-moving elevators to get you on the hill, well-judged heights, and good cover potential. Weapons are limited to fusion pistols and the occasional spnkr... groups of more than 3 might find ammo to be a problem. Oh, yeah, and if you leave aliens on, you might have some trouble keeping an eye on your friends... Update changes the aliens present from jugs to hummers (still need to watch 'em, though...) and ups the ammo quite a bit. (Adds assault rifles, as well.)

Last Rites

This package contains two Maps; Last Rites at 3 levels, a work in progress. Author wants feedback on this one, tell him what you think. This is a very handsome effort; twisty, great play. Can you spell Rocket Launcher? If you can't you'd better learn fast! The way this scenario opens and continues to surprise is worthy of a looksee. Great use of design and not a few surprises. Download City, do it! Barbarians at the Gate is a one level puzzle map. Not mentioned in the Read Me but quite a puzzle. This player no doubt forgot something as we couldn't get the term to work. You try it. This guy is good!

Moonlight Serenade (neu)

Another Infinity scenario from Germany no doubt as the terminals are in doitch. Or perhaps Deutch. German anyway. No Read Me. Couldn't get the lead out on the first level. Second or third, what to do what to do. Not a lot to get into here. Download but be advised Management shall not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction on player's part.

Night Winds

Sebastian is 14 years old & puts out a very handsome & complete Read Me file. And the Map ain't bad either! Semi-Rectangular with ledges & Troopers that are just about invincible, Bob's in background blabbing away like they do. Recommended for 2-4 players. Fast & Furious here. Great future for this map maker, good job!


Kids! This is excellent! Would like to know the author because he's got a handle. Six levels, each one a very different venue but a basic mission involving Boomer & data chips with Tycho trying once again to entice you to his side and dissing Durandal. There are five levels with number five transporting you back to the game screen as though you were through, BUT, there's a sixth level where you can just fool around as apparently the author did. A very good scenario, will keep your interest all the way through. Prison level, Boomer level, vacuum level, this one has it all. Highly recommended!

Operation Inferno V1.2

A three level solo map that has you chasing after some pfhor again for Durandal. The theme of this one is for you to wipe out the remaining baddies on a planet and then you will get to the final level. I found just a couple of smears and texture problems but on major damage, you will definitely have some battles to fight. Make sure to save your game often.. Level design is good, and very good in some places. Except for a few instances, flow was quite good.

Pfor Arena Warriors

This is an excellent example of superior net map making. All the elements are here, stairs, transporters everywhere, sniper spots, up high/down low, elevators, 2&3x rechargers, life canisters AND an enormous amount of really tuff Flick'ta running about to distract you from your goal, killing your best friends! Recommends 2-4 players. Good job here.

Phore Trouble

This eclectic ensemble emphasizing second-party euthanasia echoes with experimentation. Mr. Trebes is very much a work in progress as here you will find intro's, opening screens (Hawaii?), mission sort of, some familiar levels (7 in all includes a final Net for up to "8 players"). There is enough ammo on a level with a Pattern Buffer (also) that you wonder . . . Well, enjoy the carnage and all the Juggers. What next Nathan? E for Effort as a budding Map Maker.

Reformation Preview

This is Gansterz all over again, Homie. Well, at least the Intro Screen. And the dudes. Four levels, comes with Shapes patch & Sounds (Anvil).

Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors 1.5

This guy's the master of flow. 20 maps, all beautifully laid out, plenty of weapons, no getting stuck on a slow elevator, not a texture out of place. Gorgeous. You could stay busy with this one for weeks.

Test Wookie/Mario

hummmmmmm 'Test' is probably not the correct forum. Medium size turf area with Troopers running around.