Kids! This is excellent! Would like to know the author because he's got a handle. Six levels, each one a very different venue but a basic mission involving Boomer & data chips with Tycho trying once again to entice you to his side and dissing Durandal. There are five levels with number five transporting you back to the game screen as though you were through, BUT, there's a sixth level where you can just fool around as apparently the author did. Many, many terms on six with one stating an objective signed by Bernard Strauss Jr., Science Officer. 'Member his father? Suspect this may be released when completed & signed by the generator of such a worthy effort. A very good scenario, will keep your interest all the way through. Prison level, Boomer level, vacuum level, this one has it all. Highly recommended!

Levels in map "Non-Linearity":
Onboard the Enterprise
The Prison of Power Outages
The Prison of Power Outages
A conspiracy it could be
Time to Pave a Destiny, Slave 1
Outpost in the middle of no where