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Brief Nardonic Requiems v1.4

Two very good levels from what a great marathon author. The first level Translation into Loyalty, consists of a few mini arenas with the Tempus Pfhor texture set. The second, I Used to Be uses the outdoor enviroment from Tempus. Two very fun levels that can also be played solo. 1.4 update tweaks lighting, textures, and layout to improve gameplay.

Act of Violence

A small square arena with a pit surrounded by a ledge, four pillars, and four rooms. Vacubobs and devlins will duke it out in the pit... you can watch, or you can jump in for the nuke guns.

Bungie Maps Turned EVIL

Three Infinity net levels (Duality, Morpfhine, and 'Fugee Camp) retextured (and weaponed) for Evil. Nicely done... Morpfhine with nuke guns is a blast!

Coop-Only Level Bypass Demo

Wow. Mark wanted a way to set up a level such that coop players would be forced to bypass the level, but solo players would have to complete it. He asked for advice on the discussion forums at Marathon Central, but didn't get any answers... When he came up with a solution, it was complicated enough to warrant a writeup, so here it is. It's actually a demo map, showing (and telling, with detailed terminals) exactly how he accomplished the feat. (It's way more complicated than you might think...) The technique's biggest drawback is its resource utilization... 26 platforms used to divert play...

Kill the Player (SPN)

A small mazelike map, with an embedded physics model that keeps you on your toes. (It's designed to be played solo-the SPN stands for SIngle Player Network.) You get one magnum (and, if you kill the infrequent vacubob, a fusion pistol), and your job is to kill as many bobs as you can. (There is no end.) Good for target practice... the bodies really pile up. Enough recharge canisters appear that you can keep going as long as you want to.

Nuthouse of Idiosyncrasy

A small level with a pit reached by two long mirrorimage corridors. You got enforcers, you got vacuexplodabobs, you got a jug... you gotta kill 'em all, and still find your co-players. Would be horribly crowded with more than two or three.

Patio De Recreo El Diablo

In the author's words, a "glorified Return to Thunderdome". (That's like saying that the Titanic is a glorified rowboat, but who am I to disagree with an author?) Designed as a "net simulator" (which means it requires the Rockets of Fury Shapes patch to turn bobs into rocket-totin' cowboys), it pits you against a passel of nasty bobs in a gorgeous, fast-moving arena. Look for the additions... some of them are truly spectacular. (There's a texture that probably shouldn't have been used as a landscape texture, but it's really my only gripe.) I found carnage rates to be pretty high playing ag...

The Sons of Ludd

A six-level, action-packed solo scenario. This was released (and announced on last fall, but there wasn't any active archiving going on at the time.

The Marathon Sound Set v1.2

Not technically Marathon sounds, but rather a MacOS 8.5 SoundSet. Pretty well done, overall... a few sounds are rough, but so were the originals.

Duality (SPN)

Bungie's Duality, modified with Bobs that shoot grenades or lava globs. The idea is to give people without access to a network the challenge of a net game. (SPN stands for Single Player Network.) Works okay, except that bobs will never shoot like real people... and not much care was taken with the physics model. (Although the shots are right, the sounds aren't... sort of strange when you hear pistol shots,and turn around to see lava globs coming at you.)

Jugger Station

A space station with one large central room, and several outlying areas. Nice views from the hallways... and the staircase in the central room adds to the flow dynamics. (Not quite as effectively as it could, since the switch to raise and lower it is on the bottom level-if it were on top, you could trap people in the hole.) Big enough, and spread out enough, that two players might get bored.


A nicely done outdoor canyon. Frenetic at first, because of the baddies waiting for you, but once they're gone, it's quiet again...There's a fast-moving river through the middle, with access to an underground cave, and plenty of nooks and crannies. A single manmade room overlooks the field, with teleporters to various high points. Probably needs three minimum to obtain decent carnage rates.

Mare Ceti v1.1

A very impressive solo level, with fanstastic puzzles, plenty of carnage, some way-cool tricks, and a storyline that ties in wonderfully to the original Tempus Irae story. It feels like an original TI level, although as far as I know, Dispatcher had nothing to do with the Nardo team. I'm pretty amazed with how much you can get into a single level, actually... Play this one, it's great. (I can't remember the last level I found myself leaning forward against my desk, fighting the current...) Update tweaks a few things for better gameplay, and adjusts map goals to allow finishing the level af...

Hoth Preview

A preview of the upcoming scenario, Hoth. This contains a single solo level and two net levels... definitely gives you a flavor of gameplay.


The only game in town for PC users wanting to build maps. A few glitches, still, but all in all, a nice program. (I haven't used it, really, beyond opening it and seeing what sort of features it has... but I've done a bit of work cleaning up maps made with it, so I know about the glitches firsthand.) Shareware, $10.

Thing What Kicks Spoiler Guide-updated

Most of the posts on the news group lately has been with folks needing help with this level concerning Marathon Infinity. Nick Lewis along with some help from Gary Simmons has put together a spoiler guide with text and picts that should help you through the level. This is a bin hexed file that you will need to debinhex and unstuff. Once unstuffing is complete drag the whole folder into your browser and use the "open file in browser" command to view the pages...Open up the "Main" folder first to read the first page... Joe Gardner has updated this to be standalone (that is, it no longer reli...

Lotus 1.1

A pretty complicated map, but easy to get around. It's set up sort of in the shape of a lotus flower (hence the name), with big weapons available only inside small guardpost-like rooms with forcefields on the door. Lots of secrets, with teleporters to get you quickly to the hill, entire secret areas, and little touches everywhere. Great for team KOTH.

Ode to a Rocket Launcher 1.0

A large, symmetrical map that penalizes you for moving around. Fastest way from one side to the other is via a pfhorslime pooter, but it can be worth it. Watch the crushing doors... and keep an eye out for the odd enforcer. Reminds me in places of a few M1 levels... but I think it's just a feeling, not anything concrete.

Multiple Message Terminals

Wow. I wrote up a small tutorial to help people create terminals with more than one message in them. The day after I released it, Bo Lindberg sent me mail explaining that I'd taken the hard road, and that there was an easier one. (He also sent along a quick demo map.) I planned to add his info to the tutorial, but backburnered it... Two days later, I got mail from Jason Harper, who explained that your options in this field are nearly unlimited, and sent along a demo map, with a promise of a full tutorial to come. Here it is... and if this technique interests you, you need this file. The ex...

Bob Bites Back

An open shallow pool with several simple corridors around it. Hallway space is tight, so if you're out of ammo, you're dead. Carnage rates should be high, especially with aliens on...