The Sons of Ludd

A six-level, action-packed solo scenario. This was released (and announced on last fall, but there wasn't any active archiving going on at the time. I ran across it again recently, and spent the last two nights (till very, very late) beating it... I found it really addictive. It has its problems (sound design could use some work, there are a few untextured walls, that sort of thing-what it could really use is serious beta-testing), but overall, it's quite good. The adrenalin factor is very high-there are several areas that are just nonstop. Ammo placement is great-most of the time, you need to watch your usage, but sometimes you can just go crazy. The storyline is a major plus. Really well written, with hooks that keep you interested to the very end... more scenarios should take this sort of care on their storylines. Sometimes you'll feel like you're just looking for that next switch, and on one level I was very unhappy with the lack of direction (getting out took too much guesswork), but these are minor... the play is great, and I'm panting for the next installment!

Levels in map "The Sons of Ludd":
Pfhor richer or Poorer
If I had hands I wouldn't need you...
Shoot My Jam Session Down
...and here I am with tubes in my ears..
Luddites! I hate Luddites!
Strange Bedfellows
Have You Seen My Baseball?
Ruins, Schmuins!