Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors 1.5

This guy's the master of flow. 20 maps, all beautifully laid out, plenty of weapons, no getting stuck on a slow elevator, not a texture out of place. Gorgeous. You could stay busy with this one for weeks.

Levels in map "Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors 1.5":
Carnage for Dummies
Cure for Morality
Bitch Bastard Bongo
Geld the Bright Eyes
Brownie's Hack'n AC Palace
Pickle Pot Spinach Gatorade
Carnage Snipe for the Soul
Maul Hiking
Black Monkey Zoloft
The Ole Hock Tooey
Ringy Dingies
You Nardo Say Hi
Death Head Bender
Standard Average Arena
Karaoke Frankenstein
Cyclothymic Dialations
¡Viva la Matanza!
I Singe the Body Frenetic