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Uni is the University of Tasmania! Three levels reuniting Leela & Durandal in the terms. Although Read Me states 3/4 players this is quite satisfactory as a solo scenario. And boy, you'd better follow directions exactamundo or you are in over your head, i.e., buried. Chips & Key Cards are the exercise here with level two a vacuum level, so you will be moving speedily. A good game for honing your deductive powers; repair the Unix, PC & the Mac. Okay. Worth a download.

Viggos' Map

A one level scenario with three objectives: 1. Disable Complex Computer 2. Destroy All Aliens 3. Return Alive to Ship. Can be done toot sweet!

Volvox Station

When you die in space there is no sound, not even that little 'ehhhhhh'. Mr. Kaufmann, a University of Michigan grad student along with help from fellow grad students (whose majors we suspect were math with an emphasis on physics) put this complex, challenging and nerve wracking scenario together. Three levels and . . . you're a Doctor! Level one moves slowly until you figure it out, pattern buffer is available on into the scene. Very articulate terms with words like helix and advice like "remember your Newtonian Physics". huh? Level two is where that 'what goes up must come ...

Waterworld v3.0

Circular water arena with back hallways, switches below water to close off areas for hiding, maybe. Slim ammo, some doesn't register. No rechargers. Looks like those switches might work when dealing with more than one opponent.

Wra'khata from B.V.B.

Three levels with a minimal mission. The spelling & grammar are so bad it's awesome. Don't think it is an English thing but you never know. Good Opening Screen/Music with first term telling you "you will have to extinct the . . . . " Read Me says hard but fun. First level, do everything 5x's but term to transport out-of-order. Second level a prison & you may transport to level three wherein if you don't get the order of the switches right, dead end room/done. Pattern Buffers available and a great assortment of baddies to cream.

You're Going Down (infinity) v1.1

We expected better things from a Cornell student who designed his map for net play on the campus game site (whatever). Very small area, says there's a Crusher for players who hide in rooms (one room), didn't experience although we tried, but really like the idea. Recommends up to 8 players. Not many places to hide, no sniper spots to speak of. Gee, must be a "Kill" map!

A tiny arena, surrounded by lots of dark passageways and underwater areas. Lots of places to run... but no room to manouver once you get there.

Forge 1.0.4 Updater 1.0.4

An updater to bring Forge up to v1.0.4. This is the latest, and last release of forge by Bungie Software. It is claimed as the best version of them all, however some would argue that. Make your own decisions.

Forge and Anvil Tips v1

Just another mapmakers insight on the ins and outs of using Forge, etc....This was taken off of the news group. There were a couple of items that was news to me so I thought it might help other mapmakers out there...