Created by Andy Kaufmann

Volvox Station

When you die in space there is no sound, not even that little 'ehhhhhh'. Mr. Kaufmann, a University of Michigan grad student along with help from fellow grad students (whose majors we suspect were math with an emphasis on physics) put this complex, challenging and nerve wracking scenario together. Three levels and . . . you're a Doctor! Level one moves slowly until you figure it out, pattern buffer is available on into the scene. Very articulate terms with words like helix and advice like "remember your Newtonian Physics". huh? Level two is where that 'what goes up must come ...

Watch Your Step V4.0

This has got to be one of the hardest levels I've ever played, and for the wrong reasons. There are no allowed mistakes-fall off a thin ledge, and you start over. It grows on you, though.