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"Acid Jazz" for Inf./A1/Evil Final

"Acid Jazz" was originally created for M2 on March 06, 1996 by Fusion/Pfhyde (Zach Norwood). It's been converted for use with AO, Infinity, and Evil. A very cool, "organically"-designed indoor and outdoor arena with lots of stairs, four levels, a water trap, and some really *outstanding* gameplay.

Voyager 7 v1.0

A seven-polygon netmap originally submitted for the Simplici7y contest. Good for 2-3 players.

DcBob´s Map Pack v1.0

This is a little collection of netmaps that i have been storing on my HD for some time now, so ignore the creation date cause i don´t remember when i did this. This map pack includes the maps:

- Dogfight Netpack (9 level netpack)

- The Great Temple Of Madness

- Jungle Tech

I dont remember the names of the maps in dogfight netpack but this netpack is not the same version as can be found in the archives at, this version has 2 minor bugs fixed. I hope you enjoy my creation.

***End Of Transmission***

Marathon Fell Vid Films v1.1

NOTE: This replaces version 1.0 that was posted a couple of days ago. I was able to vid the level "The Face Below the Puddles" today. It is the only new film in this version.

Vilcabamba v1.0

A one-level scenario, complete with new shapes and sounds - the author completed this almost a year ago, but then disappeared. It's easily up to the quality of his other Marathon work... but he had discussed adding more terminals. He never got to that... but we didn't want this to get lost, so it's been packaged up in an easy-to-use installer for your playing pleasure. The Marathon marine meets Lara Croft. This one is all puzzles - see what you can figure out!

Vilcabamba Vid Film v1.0

This is a vid film for the one level Infinity scenario Vilcabamba. It is one of the most beautifully textured levels i have ever seen. The enemies are not what make this an enjoyable level to play and vid. It is the textures and the puzzles that make this an awesome Marathon experience. I highly recommend this scenario to everyone.

Marathon Jigsaw Special Level v1.0

This package contains my vid film for the special vidmaster level "Where's Bob when you need him?" from the Infinity scenario Marathon Jigsaw. I found it to be very challenging and quite difficult. A detailed Read Me is included with the film.

Marathon Jigsaw Vid Films v1.0

This package contains vid films for all 8 solo levels of the Infinity scenario Marathon Jigsaw. I found this to be a very enjoyable and challenging set of levels. They are all very well constructed, definitely hard in places, perhaps a bit unfair on TC in a couple of situations, but absolutely worth the time for anyone that enjoys Marathon. The package contains a detailed Read Me.

Zealots Physics.sit 1.0

This physics model was designed to take a different look at the way the marathon world could be, while still retaining a balanced and orthodox design. The weapons function pretty much like their predecessors, but look different and do different things differently.

Origin of Species Vid Films v1.0

This vid package contains vid films for all 14 levels of the Marathon Infinity scenario Origin of Species. This is one of the most challenging scenarios I have played. Several of the levels were very difficult to vid. A few of the films were produced in May 2000, while the rest were produced within the last few days. A detailed Read Me is included in the package.

High Velocity Update. v1.5

If you downloaded large and small network maps there is a level called high velocity, and it really sucks! Here is it again only way, way, way better.

Mendoza 13 v1.0

A fairly small arena-like map with a terraced pit, a central tower, surrounding walkways and sniper points, and underwater passageways that provide access to flood and lighting controls.