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HB vs. SN Films v1.0

These are three network films between Mark Levin and me. To seemingly everyone's surprise, we played the net games over the internet with NetLink (yes, it is possible.)

They are kind of fun to watch because all of them are good games, with several leader switches and good moves.

Oh, and they don't require and 3rd party maps, as they all use the standard Infinity "map" file.

Operation Vengeance Vid Films v1.0

This package contains vid films for all 13 solo levels of the Marathon Infinity scenario Operation Vengeance. They were all done by myself in March of last year. This scenario is one of my all time favorites. Very challenging and very, very fun. All 13 levels are a blast to play. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Marathon at it's best. The package also contains a detailed Read Me.

The Black Series Vid Films v1.0

This vid package contains vid films for 14 of the 15 solo levels in the scenario The Black Series. Eleven of the levels were vid by myself in late 1999 and early 2000. The remaining three levels were vid yesterday and today. The only level I was not able to vid was the level "Bishop Station". Unfortunately, that level is beyond my abilities at this time. The package contains a detailed Read Me.

Sons of Ludd Vid Films v1.0

This package contains vid films for all 8 levels of the Infinity scenario The Sons of Ludd. This is one of the most enjoyable scenarios I have played and I highly recommend it to everyone. Five of the films were done by myself early last year. Only recently did I revisit this scenario and was able to complete films for the remaining 3 levels. Not surprisingly, these 3 levels are the hardest of the 8 to vid. The package also contains a detailed Read Me.

Siege of Nor'Korh Vid Films v1.0

This film package contains vid films for each of the 6 levels of the Marathon Infinity scenario "The Siege of Nor'Kohr". They were done in January 2000 using the Marathon Infinity application. A detailed Read Me is included within the package.

Wake up. Time to die. v1.1

A small-feeling net map designed for small groups, up to 4. Version 1.1 extends the outer ring, fixes the "water pop" effect, and improves weapon placement. The shallow pit in the center is used as the hill.

M A R A T H O N : The 3D Animated short v1.0

A totally 3D animated short taking place in the Marathon Universe, featuring the Cyborg we all know, and a couple of other familiar friends *I compel you to view it now.*

Terminal Carnage v1.0

An entry for the Simpici7y competition that held awhile ago.

Wake up. Time to die. v1.0

Smallish net map for 1-4 players. Probably best with 2. Supports Kill the Man with the Ball. Water texture set.

A walk in the city v2.1

This is my 5th map. It is a big room with

realy big pillars and a outer walkway that

is cut out of the pillars on the outside

edge of the map. this map has 6 sniper

towers, 2 that overlook the hill. Each of

the other 4 sniper towers can see 2 of the

other sniper towers. this map has a

central hill surounded by lava.

Laboratory v1.1

This is my 4th map. I made this map because

i was bord. This is a target practice map ,

there is only one player but it is still fun to


Medieval Times? v1.1

This is my 8th map. There are

6 secret room/passages in

this map. 2 have 3x energy

powerups 2 go between the

main room and the dark

hallway. 2 are conected to

the sniper towers. The big

center room contanes the hill

and the ball.

Rivers N' walkways v1.1

This is my 2nd map and is still my

favorite. This map has 4 players.

There are 3 secret underwater rooms

and 2 half submerged walkways.

Space Ship 51 v1.2

This is my 7th map. This map has 2

secret rooms contaning health,

weapons and teleporters linking them

together. This map also has 4 'hidden'

hallways that link to the outermost

hallway on the map. This map does

not have a hill but it has a ball in the

very center of the map. If anough

people want a hill on this map, i' put

one on it.

Space station v1.3

This is my 6th map. This map has a hill

and a ball in the center of the map. It

also has a 'weapons room' on the left

side of the map and a bathroom on the

right side of the map. This map has a

secret wrap around hallway that

conects to two rooms conected to the

main hallway.

The Mall v1.0

This is my 9th map. This map has 4 stories. The

1st story contanes the hill and 2 stair wells that

lead to the 1st 2 sniper towers. The 2nd story is a

teleporter destination and it has 4 small rooms

that have 3x health contaners and this story has

4 secret passages 2 of them lead to the 2nd 2

sniper towers. The 3rd story contanes the ball.

The 4th story contanes 2 teleporters to the 2nd

story and a big lava filled piston room, on top of 2

of the pistons there are invicibility powerups but

The Under Ground v1.0

this is my 10th map. it has 8 players and 4 secret passages. and is has a center hill and ball.

Warehouse v1.2

This is my 3rd map. There are 4

players in this map. The key feature in

this map is the 'bob box' in the main

room, if the door is opened there will

be lots and lots of carnage.

Halogen v1.5

Various winding stairways and hallways packed into a sewage plant. Complete underground view of sewage pit for aesthetics. The hill and skull are located on the east elevated sewage pit. 1x charger located west; on the thin ledge.

Xenophobia v1.5

Big place. Tall pillars with lights circling a central arena. Two hallways, an upper and lower level, wrap around the north side of the map. Basement waterways, complete with glowing canals, wrap the bottom half of the map. Ball located in central arena.