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Aguanaise v1.0

A single-level solo map... decent layout, but too many blind and deaf baddies. Will give you 15 minutes of fun on Major Damage...

C-Files v1.0

Hmm. A 21 level solo project... no save points, no terms. (Mostly because they didn't know how to put 'em in.) Lots of square/almost square rooms. Keep an eye on the map - the exits from each level are sometimes only visible in map mode.

Circular Dismemberment v1.2

A tiny arena with a raised ring around the outside. There's a 2x recharger in the center... but it's pretty hard to use without being SPNKed. Unmerged.

Drak's Netmap Pak for ? 1.4.1

7 levels, created a while ago and tested on the Testing Grounds but never in included in the Archives. Submitted by Scott Noblitt, in an effort to get good maps released. I KNOW I've seen the first map before, but I can't for the life of me remember where. These were originally built for the now defunct Hadar's Alliance scenario. Flow is generally quite nice - emphasis is on fast movement (even the hallways are wide). Plenty of ammo.

Evil Walls 2001 1.0

Pretty funny - there's an invulnerable bob in the center of the map, firing rockets in a loop, periodically. You can't hurt him, and you can't survive the rockets... so stay out of the way! Makes for an interesting obstacle course...

Fire Brigade 3.0E

This map, in a smaller form, was available on the Testing Grounds for quite some time... and one of the levels was submitted to the Simplici7y contest last year. Here, you'll find 21 levels (15 normal, 6 secret), with generally difficult gameplay. Mapmaking is so-so... but most of the time you'll be trying hard to stay alive, so you won't be looking too closely at the scenery. Lots of secrets - and too many of them are critical. Worth a run-through, though!

Gumdrop's Fleamarket 1.3

8 maps - a real grab bag. There's tight, there's open, there's bright, there's dark... you name it, it's probably in here. Quality ranges from so-so to quite good. A couple of physics modifications - the water action on Man of Salts is particularly enjoyable. Definitely worth a look.

Hard Target 1.0

Good for KOTH - the vertical scale is great enough that SPNKRs are nearly useless for hill-sniping from above. The downstairs is interesting, as well...

Herman's Network Maps 1.0

6 of Herman Ulltins best network levels. Most of these are large and can be played KotH, EmFH or KtmWtB. Some of these levels have been released already here at the archive, but most of them have been reworked. Some very good large net levels here for your next carnage fest.

Hostile Takeover 1.0.1

Concept of "Corporate America" in Space as Terminals speak of/depict our typical screwed-up, downsized, can't get it today, it's out-of-order and on and on Company. Thank goodness for some very good humor and an excellent and very much fun to play scenario. Ten levels. Not too many secrets here, pretty straightforward mission BUT you absolutely should download this Map!

Laboratory 1.3

A target practice map. You get lots of weapons and ammo, and access to a circular arena - you can let any number of any kind of nasty in that you want, via a set of (protected) switches. Sorta fun to try and get the jugs to wipe everything else out... Unmerged.

The Bouncy Map Pack v1.0

A pair of experimental levels - they're not really playable, since there's little or no ammo or weapons... but there are Q3A-like jumppads to look at, and permission from the creator to use them. Worth a look if you're building.

Marathon Jigsaw v1.0

8 solo levels (and a couple of net levels) - this is a very nicely laid-out project (and quite difficult in parts). Overall, flow is great, though, and the gameplay will keep you wide awake. Definitely worth playing.

Destroy Singularity v1.0

Another cool Chisel plugin - if you've created a map in Forge which has too many lines connected to a point, you'll find you can't delete the point without crashing Forge. If you don't have an older backup... you're in big trouble. This plugin gets you out of it.

Light Delta v1.0

A Chisel plugin that allows you to add to the normal light intensity for a given light, without changing that light... vastly reducing the number of lights needed. (The demo map included shows 11 distinct lighting effects... and it uses exactly ONE light.) It only works on walls, and a wall can display only one value of the ambient delta field... but if you're building complicated levels, and have run into lighting limits... check this out.

Partial Move v1.0

A Chisel plugin that allows you to horizontally move everything within a specified rectangle of the map. (If you started building too far towards one edge, you can now pull it back.) This differs from the existing 'Better Move' Chisel effect in that it's not applied to the entire map, it's applied to only a subset (hence the name). Pretty slick...

Permutator v1.0

This is a Chisel plugin that allows you to set the permutation field of polygons, which specifies what certain poly types do. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Split Line v1.0

Building a map, and reailze you need to add another polygon to the side of an already-filled poly? Dang, you have to delete that filled one and rebuild it... WAIT! This Chisel plugin allows you to split that FILLED poly line! Way cool.

Staircaser v1.0

A Chisel plugin that allows you to auto-create staircases (finally reproducing the Script effect of Phforte 1.x!). Straightforward, simple - it does one thing, it does it right. Check the readme for minor caveats (mostly common-sense stuff).

SwapPolygons v1.0

A Chisel plugin that lets you swap any pair of polygons - very useful for bringing high-numbered polys down to the beginning, to make them easier to reach in the teleporter menu, for example.