Permutator v1.0

This is a Chisel plugin that allows you to set the permutation field of polygons, which specifies what certain poly types do. Yes, Forge lets you do this... but Forge limits you to 'reasonable' values - and Jason has come up with some pretty dang useful 'unreasonable' ones. A simple example: Automatic exits and teleporters are basically the same thing, but with different permutations assigned. Exits use negative numbers to specify levels (-2 is level 2), but teleporters use positive numbers to specify poly numbers (2 is poly 2). Flip the sign, and reverse the effect... and suddenly, conditional teleports are easy. Set a level to 'repair', set an automatic exit to a negative value... and that auto-exit will act as an intra-level teleporter... but ONLY if the repair is completed. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Levels in map "Modified teleporters demo map":
Modified teleporters