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Marathon: Alien Demo v1.0

A single demo level of Marathon: Alien. In this level you play as a S'pht.

CTF(Lua) 3.0 v3.0

This is a lua version of Capture the Flag for Aleph One. Since Aleph One's built-in CTF was complicated to make maps for/host, and it wasn't fun, I decided to make this CTF script with lua. There are 2 teams, each with a flag. The goal is to capture the other team's flag and bring it back to your own base. There are several reasons why this lua script is better than Aleph One's built-in CTF (being able to run with flag), so I hope you enjoy it.

Death Watch Bunker v1.0

AlephOne-only Netmap recommended for 4-8 players, supports EMFH, KOTH, Tag, and Kill the Man with the Ball. Inspired by the Death Watch Bunker from SWG.

The New Core (G5 or better) v1.0

A newer - and, I hope, better - version of my old map 'The Core (G4 or better)'. New in this version: An upper level, a light switch, and a user controlable gravity lift (requires included MML script). Hope you like it. See the read-me for information on how to install the MML script.

Rock the Boat v1.0

Garunteed to cause more deaths per minute than any other map I've ever made!

Ghost of 7's v0.9

You thought I had forgotten about these didnt you? 21 more polygons to add to the collection.

Sun Circle v1.2

Since the last one sucked so much, I decided to get eltwixxo to fix it up for me.

A1 Promotional video v1.0

This is a promotional video I recently made for Aleph One. The entire film is made in Director, including the gameplay scenes. I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: for space reason, this is a .divx file

Fovea v0.3

Fovea pushes for an open outdoor feeling while trying to keep things close in quarters. This map is only playable with AlephOne and you'll see why. This map screams for a sniper rifle.