The New Core (G5 or better) v1.0

NOTE: See the read-me for information on how to install the included MML script. The script should be installed before playing this map. (It changes the properties of the JJaro goo, making the gravity lift possible).

The New Core (G5 or better), version 1.0, 1-23-06:

* There's a new 'attic space' above the central arena, accessed via platforms hidden in the alcoves of the four buttresses. Note to those on the hill: watch out for 'death from above.'

* The map file now contains four versions of the level: 1) gravity lift, no aliens, 2) gravity lift, aliens, 3) no gravity lift, aliens, and 4) no gravity lift, no aliens. Pick your poison.

* Gravity lift? What's a gravity lift, you ask? Basically, a column of liquid without the wetness, lack of oxygen, and general weapon disfunction of everyone's favorite fictional liquids. But, most important, you can still swim in the stuff. That means that those on the hill in gravity lift enabled versions can escape their would be attackers by going 'up, up, and away' with a tap of the control (run/swim) key.

* Not looking forward to seeing your quarry fly from your grasp? Hit the switch in the north buttress, disabling the gravity lift, plunging the arena into darkness, and striking fear into the heart of your foe on the hill.

Levels in map "The New Core (G5 or better)":
The New Core (gravity lift, no aliens)
The New Core (gravity lift, aliens)
The New Core (no gravity lift, aliens)
The New Core (no grav lift, no aliens)