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Two Words. v1.00

Since school is coming up, I may not be able to make as many maps as I had, so here's a final map before school begins. Please leave feedback on the map at

The Ty-D-Bol v1.2

A giant toliet that flushes. Lots of SMGs/ammo. underwater carnage!

Victory Dance v1.0

During June/July 2005, I ran a small netmap contest on the Pfhorums ( and these 7 maps are the top 7. They're all made by different people, and are all somewhat different.

Aleph One RPG (Mac) v2.1.0

A netgame RPG module written in Lua with special physics. New HUD MML included. (Mac version)

Aleph One RPG (SDL) v2.1.0

A netgame RPG module written in Lua with special physics. MML also included for HUD. (SDL version)

Marathon: Pathways into Darkness Demo v1.0

The demo of the upcoming Pathways into Darkness conversion for Aleph One.

This demo contains only a few of the things to come in the final release. Pathways into Darkness is a copyright product of Bungie software.

Red Spectrum v1.0

Seventeen more maps from yours truly. 7 are actually modifications of previous maps (from the 17th Birthday Pack), and one is a group effort from myself and four others. They're of various sizes. Most of them are King of the Hill/Kill the Guy With the Ball compatible.

Arms Race (PIT OF HELL) v4.5

Finally got it to work for A1, I took out a few sounds and tweaked the monster spawn time.

Carnage Vila 46! v1.0

Carnage Vila 46 is one of the best netmaps I've ever seen, and it happens to b mine! With lots of gunz and lots of ammo and lots of other fun stuff Carnage Vila 46 is without a doubt one of the most awesome and clever maps you will ever play. Check it out!

Total Texture Enhancement (Lowest) v6.0

A new and much better release of the Total Texture Enhancement Package made by Earthquake Software. This 6.0 version offers loads of improvements.

Engine/Zero E0U2V1 WIN v1.0

Engine/Zero is teh Aleph One replacement. Not backwards compatible. Won't run until you get a scenario too.

Cool stuff to do:

Press M for the fancy 3D map

Press O for an objective list

press T then type any of the following then press enter.

ScanVision 1

Zooming 1

and there's many more but I can't be bothered putting them here.

Oh well anyway E0 rocks.