Aleph One RPG (Mac) v2.1.0

This "Aleph One RPG" is a semi-experiment in scripting and a semi-framework for any future add-ons. Its premise is that you choose a class (via color), and as you kill other players in a net game, you gain class-specific abilities. It has proven to be fun. At least, to me. And some net gamers. If you don't mind having the Aleph One engine so obviously contorted, and you want to try a first-person-shooter-RPG based on Marathon's engine, give this a try. The readme is essential. Aleph One Nightly Build 7/18 and up required (this and later builds enable seeking projectiles).

Version 2.1.0 redefines the manner in which the classes attack or use their abilities by introducing "stamina" and/or "mana" as factors. Two classes have new abilities in their repertoires, and I even created a new quasi-powerup. The much-hated "level 0" has also been eliminated; instead, all players start with their classes' level 1 skill. This version is the best so far, and might be the last.

Levels in map "French Suite No. 333 in D Minor":
I: Aire
II: Minuet
III: Gigue

Levels in map "Three Middle Fingers":
Level Name, Bitch
Painful Water
Circles Suck