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Postcard from Valhalla

The next installment of the series started with Codename Genesis. Hmm... "non-trivial" comes to mind. A fiendishly designed level (plus a nice setup level), with nasty traps, cool terms, but more than anything, physical puzzles requiring timing, more than anything. (Or at least that's what it boiled down to for me...) Well worth the download.

Night Panther Levels 1.1

A two-level solo scenario, and a net map. The author was learning Pfhorte as he went, and it shows... The second level, and the net level, are far more impressive than the first level. (The first level isn't buggy or anything... just a little slow.) Stick it out, though... it's worth the wait. (He's obviously a very fast learner.) Update adds one solo level (huge, and rambling, with some very nice visual effects) and one net level (5D, with some serious confusion going on). Every level is better than the last... as it should be.

Two Ways To Death

A simple solo level... two paths to go down, but no real ending. (If you kill everything, you have to just quit.) Should take a few minutes, at most... either you beat it, or you get tired of it.

Extra Celestial

A nicely constructed solo level, looking like a well-lit space station. As far as I can tell, there's only one suicide pit (and there's a save term just before it)... otherwise, this is a phenomenally well-designed map. Even though there's no plot (besides kill everything), and getting to the end only teleports you back to the beginning, this one is really satisfying.

Be Happy or Not

Four-level solo/coop scenario. While this one was designed to be played coop (and designed well), it was also been built to handle solo play very nicely. It's not easy, but it keeps the adrenaline flowing without building up too much frustration. Snazzy little tricks, multiple paths to each objective (some will have you banging your head and saying, "Why didn't I think of that first?"), and overall kickass level construction make this one a winner. Robert Blake comes off as a bit of a psycho, but what else is new?

Htahth Station

A level from an upcoming solo scenario, and a partial second level. It can be played net, but it was designed as a solo level. Navigation is a bit confusing (and the map view doesn't help), but construction is fine, and it's a good stress burner.

Mind of Bob

Bob is your SPNKR... and you'll need to use him well here. Two levels, the first is quite short. Ammo is very well rationed on the first level, a bit more plentiful on the second. Very nice monster placement... there are enough, and in the right places, to make it difficult, but not impossible. (The room that looks the hardest is amazingly simple, if you just think for a minute first...) If you haven't mastered SPNKR jumping, you're gonna die a lot...

The Last Interceptor 2.0

A five-level solo scenario. Very nice terms, and generally great level design. Monster placement has been toned down nicely since the last verison. Lots of goodies in places you really shouldn't be going, so explore... The plot isn't Shakespeare, but it'll get you by, and the levels will keep you entertained for a goodly chunk of time. Update expands the first level, and aligns textures, reduces baddies, and improves spelling throughout.

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Codename: Genesis 1.1

A spectacular solo level (and harbinger of things to come, maybe). Fantastic lighting, meticulous attention to detail, very cool tricks (checK out the bio-scanner and the comms on the doors!), and great terms make this one not to miss. This is a level where stealth wins out over strength, cunning will beat brawn. Do it right, and you'll see the final term. Do it wrong, and you'll see the ceiling... And always, always, always, check for changes. (New sections show up in strange places.) Update tweaks lots of stuff, including ammo/monster placement, terms, layout... much improved! (Which i...


A 2-level solo map. Wow-this one's pretty impressive. The terms leave a little to be desired, but the author is Japanese, so be gentle. (They're at least understandable.) The level design, however... very, very nice. The last room will keep you busy for quite a while, unless you're a very adroit sidestepper. Classy use of solid transparent walls... If at any point, you feel lost, go back and check a previously sealed door, or broken switch. Also available from its own web page.

Welcome to the Arena

A three-level solo map. Hmm... it's big, but it often felt like I was running through the same areas again and again (even when I wasn't). There's a lot to kill, but finding the ammo/weapons you need can be frustrating. Beware of the second level on slower machines... you get an absurd number of baddies in an open area.

Psychoholic Dementia

A three-level solo scenario. A little rough around the edges (a few bad textures, that sort of thing), and a bizarre ending, but it's pretty playable. The disco's a hoot... check out the sign!

Invasion of New BOB City

A followup to Bob Factory, and a pretty impressive effort. This pair of levels is very, very hard, but it's worth it... I found myself having to try sections many, many times before seeing an easier way to get somewhere. Both levels allow multiple routes of access to the finish line... and some are much harder than others. And again, that M1 feeling is everywhere. As you do your best to stay alive, don't forget to notice the little things... like the lighting, and the constant explosions, and the architecture. I'd say Darrell is a mapmaker to watch...

Shane's House

Exactly what it sounds like. (Except for the aliens, I hope.) A little rough around the edges (probably could have used the snap-to-grid feature of Pfhorte a bit more), but playable-no major problems. I'd have to disagree with the difficulty rating listed in the readme-I had no trouble clearing the level on Normal, first time through, with plenty of ammo to spare. Kinda fun, though... all the big baddies are in big, wide-open rooms, giving you room to maneuver.

What Ho! Jeeves

A short (okay, very short) but entertaining solo level, where you're a security officer on a cruise ship with a very proper AI. It won't take you long, but the terms are funny.

Bob's Pfhort

A two-level solo scenario. The first level is quite playable (assuming you choose the proper direction to navigate the loop... otherwise, it's a bear). The second level is hellish. Lots o' baddies, which would be fine, except for a framerate-sucking HUGE water-filled room that crushed a Q800 on Major Damage... Still, it's worth the effort, because it's just plain fun. The AI is a no-nonsense guy, but if you listen to him, you'll get around...

The Search 3.11

The first level of a 3-level solo scenario. You're asked to activate a power station, and kill a few baddies along the way... okay, a lot of baddies. Well laid-out, in terms of action... some very nice visual effects. There are a few puzzles that need to be solved by finding hidden doors, but mostly, you need to keep your eyes open. Keep alert for those nasty cyborgs! Update fixes first term so you don't teleport out immediately. Very fun.

Kill Em All 1.1

Bobs, bobs, and more bobs. Some are explodabobs, some are not... Play it long enough, and you'll be fighting all of them, like it or not. A good test of how long you can stay alive against bobs. Update tweaks weapon availability.


A solo level with no save term. You'll find yourself doing it several times, as you run into each new trap... and parts can be pretty repetitive, but it's a fun half-hour or so. Fun terms.

Detention Center

A sequel to Lunar Fort. Very well-done, and quite playable... it's three levels, but only the second one counts, in terms of gameplay. Worth the download, for sure...