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Death Rotunda

A standard arena with sniper positions reachable by easy-to-fall-off-of elevators.

Gladiators with Guns II v1.1

A pretty nice multilevel arena, with interconnecting narrow passageways and back elevators. The only problem is, the extravisions all over this map make navigation quite difficult... readme says the map was built while the author was sick, and felt like a bob with crack-vision, but I wish he hadn't taken it out on us... without them, though, the map is quite enjoyable. Comes with a pretty tasteless joke map... you'll need to see it for yourself. Update removes the annoying extravisions.

Jafa v1.1

Jafa is not this map's real name-you'll have to download it to see that (several of the characters cannot be reproduced with HTML), but it's a pretty nice map, anyway. Spectacular to look at, although for carnage games, it might not be laid out with serious death rates in mind... as a KOH level, though, it's quite good. (If only all the textures were aligned...) Looks like the lighting might have been improved for this version (and a lot of the texture misalignment is gone).


A pretty slick little arena with a dangerous hill. (It's designed to look like a lantern... but what that really means is that shooting out from the hill is a risky proposition.)

Newton's Folly v1.0.1

Heavily inspired by What Goes Up (M1). There is some texture alignment needed, and the bobs can be seriously annoying in net play, but this is a pretty well thought-out map. Most areas are vulnerable from multiple directions, and there are very few (if any) resting places. Keep an eye out for secrets... some of them can make inter-area travel much easier. Update aligns most of the misaligned textures.

Operation Wormwood v1.0.1

An 8-level solo scenario, 5 net maps, a passel of physics models, and some films. This is a truly impressive piece of work, with very well-crafted levels, fantastic term and chapter art, and a load of cool features.

Passing AirWhales

An extremely playable variegated arena. Lots of platforms, but jumping distances have been planned quite well, and the alert player can use pillars and tunnels as missile blocks quite effectively. The teleporters on the bottom bring you up to sniping positions on the outside pillars... anyone trying to stay on the low hill should keep a sharp eye out above.

Psychoholic Dementia

A three-level solo scenario. A little rough around the edges (a few bad textures, that sort of thing), and a bizarre ending, but it's pretty playable. The disco's a hoot... check out the sign!