Operation Wormwood v1.0.1

An 8-level solo scenario, 5 net maps, a passel of physics models, and some films. This is a truly impressive piece of work, with very well-crafted levels, fantastic term and chapter art, and a load of cool features. It is also the first scenario specifically designed for cooperative play. In fact, it's so well-suited to coop play that it's extremely difficult as a solo map. (You may have to drop one or more difficulty levels off your normal playstyle in order to finish it, and you'll be cursing the low number of save terms, which wouldn't bother you at all in coop play.)

Levels in map "Operation Wormwood":
South Mos'Dhie Facility #47ยช
Mandatory Suicide
Zoo-Cage Warfare
Napalm Defense Area
Seeing Is Believing
Wormwood is Evil
Siva's Palace Of Pain
Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey
Bob's Meat Market
We Only Come Out At Night
Waldo World Arena
Kill Your Television