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Suicide v17

3 levels (two chunks of Couch fishing and an original). He's still at it...

Suicide v18

3 levels (all original). All fun (use the low grav in Anybody In Here to your advantage...).

Suicide v19

4 levels (three great, one so-so). Zig Zag is too open for slower machines, but the rest are some of Butch's best. (He's been busy since I've been here last!) One game on Press Box (6 player) racked up a kill rate of 36 deaths/minute! Think fast (really, really fast) or die.

The Hall v1.1

Brighter than the last version, with lots of teleporters and sniper ledges.

The Tower v1.1

Big. Some interesting stuff (check the outside carefully). Update just adds random monsters.

Castle Anteries

A large, complicated castle with lots of neat tricks. Very pretty.

Castle Tao

By the maker of Castle Anteries. Smaller and less complicated, but probably more fun in net play (less distraction).

Greg's Maps

7 levels. Quality really varies. Some are quite fun, though... Quag's Keep was very enjoyable, and the last level is just about impossible at normal.

Home Pfhor the Holidays

Sort of a two level map. The catwalks are almost a playing field unto themselves. Nice speedy elevators.

Kendall Redburn Other Levels

7 levels. So named because he uploaded 10 this time, and three stood alone. These are the rest. On the whole, very well made (as were his last ones). Sort of concept levels-each is designed to be played in a certian way. (For example-Rocket is a low grav level with lots of tozters... built for vertical ambush.) Worth the look for smaller groups.


A very nicely done subway station. Some nice stuff to be found on the tracks, but be careful! Plays much better on Powermacs, due to the large open areas.

Rushin' Roulette

A small pit with all the big weapons, but very, very slow elevators for escape... Watch your back!

Suicide v16

Three more. A nice group... Fallin' to Pieces can get really, really messy with more than two players!

Downward Spiral

Another MKN map. A central pit with lots of baddies, and a spiral ramp up to the weapons... Easy to get down, pretty tough to get up.

Temple Of Flesh

Quite large, or so it seems. The package is so big because the author has included all development versions of the map, along with films for each version.

Two Net Maps (m1)

Just what it sounds like. Suffers from the fall-in-this-pit-and-die syndrome (pits with no way out but suicide).

Click Here for Enlightenment

Three maps, 5 levels. One three-pack, normal. The other two are variations on the same map. They both require the textures from the Canyonlands package, and the second one was designed with the Dogs of Pfhor package, as well.

Kid's Map

Designed by someone with young kids who thought Marathon looked great, but were a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of some maps. Simple, but with nice flow.

Mile High Madness

Very simple map. You're on the roof of a skyscraper, with lots and lots of weapons. Fall off, and die.

Suicide v15

3 maps (one modified Bungie). An odd set, but Get Yer Ass Up Here grows on you...