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Pretty big (looks like you'd need four or so for comfortable net play), but really well done. Some very nice features (polished crushers, e.g.). A little of everything...


Nice flow. Coolest feature is a funky passageway which the author apologizes for...

Suicide v10

Butch said he was done with these, but he lied. Three more levels, one modified bungie and two original. Pistol Parlor gets some nice action with pistols as the only weapon...

The Joy of Death v1.0

A wide open arena with some nice sniper positions... might be slow on 68K machines.

10 Net Levels

What it says... Generally pretty good. A couple of scenario maps (capture the flag, guard the building, that sort of thing...). Lots of aliens for net levels.


A very simple vacuum level, requiring the enclosed flying physics model. Careful about landing!

Foolishness v1.0

13 levels. A real mix. Some novelty levels, some not-so-good maps, some very good maps. More baddies than you can shake a stick at. (Watch for crashes on 68K macs.)

Kendall Redburn Levels

19 levels. Most are very well done. There are a lot of fun tricks shown here... Check out the train in Subway!

Pfhorno Lives!

Nice flow through a few rooms. The tozter is a bit hard to get while you're being chased... Comes with a film showing secrets.

Solo Grenade Shower

A minor reworking of Showered with Grenades, adding baddies, ammo, a recharger, and an escape route... Comes with a physics model.

Suicide Collection

This is the entire set of Suicide maps created by Butch Massoni (through version 10). It includes the 49 original levels (tweaked a bit in some cases) as well as 5 new levels. There will be no more... marksmen (and women) need to check out Otis' Place.

The Pfhunky Pfhive

Pretty nicely thought out levels. Good lighting. Inpfhiniti was our favorite. Annoying readme (way bigger than it has to be).


Some teleporters bring you to weapons, some put you in the cell... And always, watch the closin' doors!


Showered with Grenades, with sniper ducts above most of the rooms. Very nicely done.


Geometrical battlefield (designed for teams, but playable without them). Has an invisible wall bug that makes it impossible to get to one of the chargers. (I was unable to fix it.) Author says it's unfinished. (Still plays okay, except for the wall bug...)


Knock your opponent(s) into the lava... watch the damn troopers, though.


Sort of a Waldo World lookalike. Very clean. Comes in solo and net versions.


Very symmetrical, very green, all travel goes one way. Nice weapons placement.