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Solo Grenade Shower

A minor reworking of Showered with Grenades, adding baddies, ammo, a recharger, and an escape route... Comes with a physics model.

Suicide Collection

This is the entire set of Suicide maps created by Butch Massoni (through version 10). It includes the 49 original levels (tweaked a bit in some cases) as well as 5 new levels. There will be no more... marksmen (and women) need to check out Otis' Place.

The Pfhunky Pfhive

Pretty nicely thought out levels. Good lighting. Inpfhiniti was our favorite. Annoying readme (way bigger than it has to be).


Some teleporters bring you to weapons, some put you in the cell... And always, watch the closin' doors!


Showered with Grenades, with sniper ducts above most of the rooms. Very nicely done.


Geometrical battlefield (designed for teams, but playable without them). Has an invisible wall bug that makes it impossible to get to one of the chargers. (I was unable to fix it.) Author says it's unfinished. (Still plays okay, except for the wall bug...)


Knock your opponent(s) into the lava... watch the damn troopers, though.


Sort of a Waldo World lookalike. Very clean. Comes in solo and net versions.


Very symmetrical, very green, all travel goes one way. Nice weapons placement.

Fm: Arena / Mars v1

These maps are converted versions of the original Marathon net maps. They are tweaked and adjusted to weird ends to provide enjoyment. More of novelty than anything.

Killer B's Map

A big, rambling level with a couple of nice twists. There is no tozter without risk...

Mad Science v1.0

Big, lots of open spaces, insanely difficult with aliens. With aliens off, would make a great open level for 6-8 players.

Arena Extreme

A very large arena (author recommends 6 players). A little disorienting, but lots of open space.

Body Bagging v1.1

A nice arena, inspired by Thunderdome (the M1 level, not Bungie's).

Krier's Power Levels v1.5

6 levels. Newest level is vacuum. Some interesting touches. Best for folks who have mastered vertical aiming. Nice staircase in Double Helix.

Mower Maps

15 levels in two maps. A real grab bag. Some very nice maps, some almost novelty maps. Level 3 of the second set (Come See the Fights) is PowerMac-Only.

King of the Hill v1.0

A central pillar and four outside rooms. All the good ammo's on the pillar, but you're such an easy target...